Everything is energy.
Energy is you
Project Creator ELENA YARGA –
bioenergy therapist, parapsychologist, clairvoyant, tarologist

Find out more about your past, present and future. Use an ancient magic key to open new doors and leave behind everything that burdens you. Take a chance to get rid of the accumulated negative impact, find harmony in personal and family relationships, attract financial success and improve the quality of life.
Energy Check-Up
Aura examination. Diagnostics of situations, forecasting, viewing the future, present and past. Identifying the presence or absence of induced negative impact. Identifying breakdowns in the energy field and energy centers (chakras), as well as revealing of karmic, energetic and psychological causes of the crisis.
Energy Correction
Neutralization of negative energy impact, including redirecting of induced harm to the offender («boomerang effect»). Wax castings (a unique author's method of energy cleansing). Help in getting rid of fears and panic attacks, depression, sleep disorders.
Money Energy
Business magic. Connection to the forces of wealth, stability and power. Protection from competitors. Assistance in sales (real estate, cars) and trade in general. Recovery of stolen property (upon quick request).
Love Energy
Restoring a happy destiny in your personal life. Extension of youth. Magnetism boosting. Drawing of female and male attention. Restoration and harmonization of personal and family relationships.
Chakras Rebalancing
Chakra energy cleansing. Restoration of the biofield and replenishing of the most important vital resources. Strengthening of the internal systems of the body and immunity.
Situations Forecasting
Clairvoyance, clairaudience. Diagnostics by photo. Tarot and psychic cards reading.
Energy Protection
Protecting the biofield from negative intrusion and energy attacks. Maintaining the integrity of the aura in stressful and crisis situations.
Amulets Making
Personal amulets for protection, good luck, money. Making a security mirror (removes negative impact every time you look into it). Energy charging of beauty products for youth. Magic beauty water for drawing male attention.
Elena Yarga comes from a family of clairvoyants. After inheriting the mysterious knowledge of magical healing from her grandmother, she continued polishing her rare gift by entering the School of Further Energy Development and attending numerous retreats in Russia and abroad.

As a bioenergy therapist, psychic and healer, Elena has been advising and providing assistance in almost all areas of human life for the last 30 years: from health and longevity to love, family relationships and business matters.

Russia, USA, Bali, Maldives, Switzerland, France – Elena's grateful clients live in each of these countries: politicians, business elite, celebrities, representatives of show business and just all those who are striving to get a better life full of harmony. Join in and make your cherished dreams come true.

  • Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
    Elena Yarga is a regular Visiting Practitioner at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru.
Each consultation with Elena is a healing session, during which you can restore and strengthen your energy field, which means you can come to balance and attract favorable twists of fate into your life.
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Energy balance is the most important condition for a happy prosperous life. If damage in your biofield exists, precious vital energy begins to slip away rapidly like sand through the fingers.
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    What is aura?
    Aura is an energetic spherical shell that protects physical body of a person from targeted and unintentional negative programs. It can be damaged, cracks and holes can appear in different parts of the sphere.

    The causes of aura damage can be divided into two categories:

    1. Personal and karmic sins
    2. Negative programs induced by foes and ill-wishers.
  • 2
    What are chakras?
    Chakras are energy clots that are located along the spine. Just as the blood circulates in the organism, the energy circulates in our subtle spiritual body. Each chakra is responsible for a specific part of the body.

    There are 7 chakras. If a person has chakra imbalance, then he begins feeling it on a physical level. In order to cure the physical body properly, one must find out the primary cause of the disease. Our physical body is a mirror of our energy.

    The causes of the imbalance in the energy body:

    1. Aura destruction;
    2. Induced and karmic negative structures.

  • 3
    What is jinx or evil eye?
    Jinx, curse, evil eye… All these are nothing but types of negative energy impact. It is a targeted negative program to ruin human health. If jinx was able to pass through the aura, it starts searching for the weakest part in the energy body, which is one of the 7 chakra centers. From that moment on the destruction process begins.
Duration and price: determined at the primary consultation and depend on the difficulty of the case.

Magic services are provided strictly after primary consultation and energy check-up.

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